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Note from Sallie

At Bio Therapeutic, we are all about passion and gratitude. We are grateful everyday to have wonderful families, co-workers, clients, students, and our fantastic skin care industry, of which we have been a part for over 30 years. It is a great time to be in the skin care industry, and we know it.

We clearly have passion for you and your needs. Whether it be education at the undergraduate or post graduate level; our award winning bt-PRO™ line of large equipment, our bt-GEAR™ the new small, focused, hand held devices; or our foreword thinking bT-Ceuticals™, we are poised and ready to help you.

New recruits We are seeing extremely motivated students in classes today, from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Many people are “retooling” and “retreading” so to speak! After having been laid-off, or suffering through years of a less than gratifying job, they have decided to follow their own passion and their way into esthetics. We welcome them!

For the veteran For the well seasoned skin therapist, the best choice to make right now, is first to take good care of ourselves. Thank yourself everyday, for the outstanding service and support that you offer your clients, colleagues, and to the industry. Continuing our education, keeping ideas fresh and moving, and looking at our business in new and difference ways keeps us motivated. Whether that means putting in a new window display, bringing a new product or device, or just getting some good business advice from a mentor can energize our practice.

Secondly, continue to foster the commitment and enthusiasm you have for your clients. By remaining a constant in their lives, your stability, dependability and love for what you do, will comfort them in our current changing tides.

As always, the door is always open. Email me at sdeitz@bio-therapeutic.com I welcome your positive thoughts, and please let me know how we can serve you!


Sallie Deitz Education and Product Development


"Working with Bio Therapeutics has enhanced our esthetics program at Gary Manuel. The breadth of experience in forward thinking technology makes their point of view a perfect fit for a rigorous learning environment. We have had nothing but positive experiences working with both the team there and their equipment."
Gary Howse

Gary Manuel AVEDA Institute, Seattle

"I am honored to have worked with Bio-Therapeutic for the past 4 years. The company has many wonderful attributes which include professionalism, integrity and dedication to the esthetics industry. Bio-Therapeutic has provided me with ongoing support and respect, which brings out the best in me and all of the staff. I always feel appreciated, valued and an important member of the Bio-Therapeutic team."
Gaynor Farmer

Education Director, Eve Taylor, UK